The Route

The aim is to walk around Spain in less than one year. The route will loosely circumnavigate Spain making use of existing walking trails and is split into five main sections with each connected at the most convenient point. Below you can find a break down of each section which can also be viewed by clicking on the interactive map.

The total distance equates to at least 4,500kmThe map at the bottom of the page will be updated every 5-10 days in order to show my progress. The walk begins on the 1st of September 2022.

Section 1 – GR92
Start: Portbou
FInish: Ulldecona
Total distance: 380km

Section 2 – GR7
Start: Mirador del Mont Caro
Finish: Tarifa
Estimated distance: 932km

Section 3a – Camino de la Plata
Start: Sevilla
Finish: Granja de la Moreruela
Estimated distance:960km

Section 3b – Camino Sanabres
Start: Granja de la Moreruela
Finish: Santiago de Compostela
Estimated distance: 369km

Section 4 – Camino del Norte
Start: Santiago de Compostela
Finish: Irún
Estimated distance: 824km

Section 5 – GR11
Start: Irún
Finish: Cap de Creus
Estimated distance: 840km

I also intend to complete the following additional section when I reach Santiago de Compostela:

Extra Section – Camino Finisterre
Start: Santiago de Compostela
Finish: Fisterra
Estimated distance: 119km